What’s one of the most important things any athlete throughout the entire sports realm must keep in their arsenal at all times? For us, it’s a winning mentality. An athlete lacking a winning mentality will have trouble succeeding in their sport. Fortunately, this is something that the National Lacrosse Classic prepares its athletes for; a winning mentality is introduced and emphasized throughout the entire journey. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the statistics. 

Of our 1,154 male NLC alumni, 341 (67.52%) were on teams that appeared in the 2018 NCAA National Tournament. To dig deeper into that, 20 (10.15%) of those 341 NLC alumni were National Finalists and 19 (4.20%) were National Champions. To make sense of all of this, over half of the male athletes that attended the NLC ended up on a team that went to the NCAA National Tournament this year.

The NLC makes it a goal to bring together the country’s best players and coaches to meet on one ground. In doing this, players gain exposure to a tougher level of competition. They also receive guidance and coaching from some of the best in the business. Naturally, NLC athletes develop a level of confidence that can’t be achieved at your more traditional lacrosse events. NLC athletes play in an Olympic-style lacrosse experience that prepares them for the major matchups and competition they will face in college, like the NCAA Tournament. 

Currently, the NLC has 505 (43.76%) male athletes playing Division I, 197 (17.07%) male athletes playing Division II, and 452 (39.17%) male athletes playing Division III.

The National Lacrosse Classic identifies top youth lacrosse talent throughout the journey from regional qualifiers to championship play and rewards the best of the best with international competition at the Brogden Cup.

Interested in that winning mentality but don’t know if there’s a regional qualifier in your area? Click here to start your journey!