Taylor Cummings Connects With #NLCNation

Taylor Cummings connects with #NLCNATION

Leading up to the National Lacrosse Classic in July we’ve had the chance to learn about and feature a lot of the athletes that are participating in the event. One of the common responses received from our athletes is in regards to the popularity of Taylor Cummings. Cummings, formerly a midfielder for the University of Maryland is regarded as one of the best female lacrosse players in the country. 

Taylor has been recognized by #nlcnation as a role model for our young, female athletes. She’s also noticed the pick up in social activity and was kind enough to chat with our team and lend some advice for the athletes participating in the upcoming NLC!

Taylor says, “It’s such an honor and extremely humbling to be mentioned as girls’ favorite player. To be a role model for these girls means the world to me.” Cummings also mentioned how she’s watched the game she loves grow over the past few years and how it lights a fire in her to spread the game of lacrosse worldwide! “Every time I see a new person pick up a stick and find their love for the game, it makes me smile. My hope is that eventually, lacrosse will be in every country in the world!” 

“My best advice to young players would be to enjoy every moment and be present. Enjoy the highs, the lows, and everything in between” said Cummings.

Thank you, Taylor, for taking the time to talk with us and to give advice for the players! The National Lacrosse Classic is still holding Regional Qualifiers for the event, take a look here to see if we’re stopping by your area! To register for the Regional Qualifier and become a part of NLC Nation click here