This Game is Growing

This game is growing

Earlier this year, US Lacrosse shared its annual participation survey which indicated that the number of youth players, nationwide, had topped 450,000 for the first time ever. Based on this data, lacrosse remains the fastest-growing team sport at the high school and collegiate levels. In 2018 alone, 27 different college and universities added a lacrosse program to their athletic programs.   

“Specifically, between 2016 and 2017, girls' participation grew 12.4% and boys' participation grew 3.3%. Together, there were 1,245 more boys' and girls' lacrosse players in 2017, a combined increase of 7.4%.” - US Lacrosse

The growth of the girls game is being seen here at LEGACY Global Lacrosse as well. Last year we acquired the suite of girls LaxLife events including Southern Alliance Tournament & The Heatwave

The future is bright for the girls game as women will hopefully represent the sport on a national stage in the  2028 Olympic Games hosted in Los Angeles, CA.  “Staying ahead of the curve and offering new opportunities for female athletes is a key component of our growth strategy. We are aligning with the current trends and bringing new opportunities to the table for boys and girls” says, Joel Franklin, GM of Lacrosse.  

The National Lacrosse Classic is one such event that features both male and female lax athletes. Thousands of young athletes begin their journey by trying out at regional qualifiers. If selected they will represent their state at the NLC and join #nlcnation. From there, athletes can represent the USA and take on the best of the best from Canada in the Brogden Cup. If this sounds like a journey that you want to be a part of, register for regional qualifiers here

The game is growing and LEGACY Global Lacrosse is supporting that growth by offering the innovative team and individual-based events that bring out the best in everyone. Join Us!