It isn’t often today that you see two or more siblings playing at the highest collegiate level, but in the case of the Louisville Cardinals, their Division I Women’s Lacrosse team sees a pair of twin sisters at the core of their midfield.

Freshmen Caroline and Sarah Blalock combined for an astounding 51 goals and 15 assists and logged minutes in all 17 games of the Cardinals’ 2018 season. Before playing together at the Division I level though, the two found themselves side-by-side on different grounds - at the National Lacrosse Classic in July 2015.

The Blalock’s both played for Team Maryland in the event and made a run to the semi-finals before falling to New Jersey. The twins were kind enough to offer some advice for future National Lacrosse Classic participants and those who hope to play lacrosse at the collegiate level. 

Sarah, who majors in Sustainability and plans to minor in Urban and Regional Analysis at Louisville, emphasized that it’s important to not let lacrosse determine what you plan to study in school. “Some studies do require a lot more time with studying and work compared to others, but every major is possible to do while playing lacrosse,” she said. “I juggle sports and school by keeping a schedule and trying to stick to it the best I can.” 

Caroline, a Marketing major, reiterated the importance of academic success at the college level. “Academics should always be your first priority because that’s why you’re at college,” she said. “After college, lacrosse could be over, so you will need a degree to get a job and make a living. It’s really important to have great time management because it’s hard to juggle practices, school work, and experiencing college.” 

When it comes to on-field success, Sarah believes the key is to leave everything you have on the field. “Don’t be afraid to be the first one in the drill or on the line. It shows how badly you want to get better and be out there on the field,” she said.  

Caroline, who led the Cardinals with 43 goals this season and was nominated to the All-ACC Second Team, says confidence has been a major key for her on-field success at the next level. She explained, “You can have great stick skills and speed, but if you are not confident in your ability you will never succeed.” 

Both players have fond memories of the National Lacrosse Classic and the competition they faced in 2015. “I thought the event was a lot of fun. The whole setup and different jerseys to match the states was very cool,” Sarah said. “I remember meeting two of my future college teammates, one was working at the tournament and the other one was in the tournament on the Washington D.C. team.” 

Both players have expressed an interest in playing and coaching lacrosse after they graduate from college. 

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