Club team tournaments, showcase events, and college camps fill players’, parents’ and coaches’ calendars. Combine hectic schedules with the pressure to be recruited and things start to get crazy. What happened to the days of shooting around and pick-up in the backyard? Small sided events are popping up throughout the country as a way to combat the pressure and allow players to just play.

This fast-paced format is great for all levels. It simplifies the game for youth players, provides space for creativity and full-speed execution for middle school and high school players, and allows adults to relive the “glory days” on a smaller field. Explore the top 6 reasons to play in a small-sided event:

  1. Increase the Pace of Play

With shorter fields and quick clears, lacrosse is faster. Under these parameters, players are forced to play faster. At top-speed, athletes learn to make decisions, execute skills, and flow with teammates at the next level.

  1. Get Back to Basics

Athletes are challenged to play all over the field, in roles and positions not typically assigned. To succeed in small-sided events, fundamentals must be dialed in. Precision passing, catching, ground balls, and shooting are required.

  1. Make Mistakes

The greatest growth occurs when mistakes are encouraged. Small-sided events provide a competitive low-stakes platform for lacrosse players to move beyond the comfort zone, test personal boundaries, and increasing creativity.

  1. Connect and Flow with Teammates

Small-sided play strips the game down to its most basic level. Without fancy plays, players can simply flow and connect in an instinctual way with teammates. The best teams don’t have the best plays but the players that can flow best together.

  1. Reignite a Love for the Game

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