National Lacrosse Academy


DE Turf Sports Complex, Frederica, Delaware

Price $550
Gender Female
Ages 2021 - 2026

LGS Lacrosse has made the extremely difficult decision to cancel the National Lacrosse Academy 2020. We came to this decision after an in-depth evaluation of the US Lacrosse safe return to play, CDC, state, and local guidelines and the decision of the Division I Council to extend the recruiting dead period. Based on the CDC's Considerations for Youth Sports, the National Lacrosse Academy is considered to be at the highest risk level due to the fact that players are coming from many geographic areas. After many hours spent planning possible scenarios for this event to take place, LGS Lacrosse feels that we cannot put on an event at the standard you all expect while keeping the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, parents, and referees our top priority.  In addition to health and safety, the extension of the DI recruiting dead period to July 31st forbids our teaching team, made up of Division I coaches, from coaching any high school players at the National Lacrosse Academy. The foundation of the NLA is our ability to provide top tier learning from DI college coaches and the extension of the dead period takes that major piece away.


The National Lacrosse Academy (NLA) brings the focus back to the player July 21-23, 2020 at D.E. Turf in Frederica, Delaware.  Built on the foundation of the iconic National Lacrosse Classic, the NLA will provide players a platform to develop their individual and team skills under the direction of elite NCAA coaches with guaranteed hands-on instruction and NCAA caliber training. Learn and compete with hundreds of female athletes from across the country!


We’ve got the coaches you want to train with and the athletes you want to compete against.

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The National Lacrosse Academy offers every athlete the unique opportunity to be taught by some of the best coaches in the NCAA. Hands on training from elite level coaches gives you the chance to learn from the best and develop your skills.

Participants can expect to receive individualized constructive feedback from our coaches during intensive collegiate inspired position specific training sessions. There will also be team based competition as athletes unite with their regional peers to compete in a tournament style competition.

Experience action packed days of training similar to what NCAA lacrosse athletes experience in college every day.

The Three Pillars Of The NLA



‣ Position specific training to break down skill development and enable you to grow as a top prospect.

‣ Review game film with your coaches and learn how to use it to your advantage! Unparalleled feedback from NCAA coaches.

‣ Guaranteed 3 days of exposure to top NCAA women’s coaches. Build relationships and learn the coaching styles from a diverse coaching staff.



‣ Experience unparalleled team bonding and camaraderie with players from across your region and the country.

‣ Represent your region as you train in a curriculum built by the most innovative coaches in the NCAA. See how your region stacks up against teams from across the country.



‣ Participate in team practices led by the NCAA coaching staff to pull together the skills developed and apply them in highly competitive games culminating in a tournament champion.  The competition will be fierce!

‣ Rise to the top! Each athlete will be considered for selection to the National All Star Team.  All Stars will compete in championship matchup. Awards to be announced!

Find The Right Fit

The NLA will be split into divisions to increase level of play for everyone. For your convenience we have described each
category to help you make your decisions. Please see the below option that you will select during the registration process.


Premier:  You're capable of competing with the top players in the country and are a high level DI prospective athlete (Top 40 DI) Requires club name and coach contact for verification.

Select: You're capable of competing with the strongest players in your region and are on track to play mid to lower level DI, or a higher level DII, DIII program.

Prospect: You're capable of competing alongside most players in your region and are on track to play collegiate level lacrosse at the DII, DIII level.