National Lacrosse Academy


DE Turf Sports Complex, Frederica, Delaware

The following applies to all tournament gameplay

  • Coaches must attend mandatory check in meeting at event registration head quarters 1-hour or more prior to their teams participating.
  • All waivers must match your roster.
  • Teams found participating with illegal players (by age or by incorrect rosters) may be asked to leave the tournament.

A central horn will be used to start and stop games. Teams are urged to be ready to play at the start of the horn. 

All teams will play a minimum of four games with a running clock and half time. There is no overtime in pool play or consolation play. In events where we have playoffs (where a team may advance), overtime consists of a 3 v 3 game, rules listed below. Based on weather or daylight restrictions, games may be shortened based on the event director’s judgment. 

No time outs permitted in either pool play or tournament play.

FREE MOVEMENT FOR ALL AGES! All LGS Events follow US Lacrosse “Official Rules for girls’ with modifications based on “US Lacrosse Youth Rules and Best Practices: and US Lacrosse Tournament Standards and the following modifications:

High School divisions play USLacrosse rules.

Middle School divisions are full checking (US Lacrosse Level FC)

-No four goal differential (mercy) rule in effect.

​Due to the running clock, A GAME/HALF MAY NOT END ON A DEFENSIVE PENALTY. In the event of a defensive penalty within the CSA resulting in an expired clock, play will resume on the official’s whistle. Trail Official will count :03 Seconds of play from point of Free Position at the whistle. During the :03 seconds, regular game rules exist, including the potential for another defensive foul, pass, a shot or a goal.

  • Pregame stick checks and captain’s meetings will NOT be performed.  Officials can perform random stick checks at their discretion. 
  • Alternate possession – the team listed first on the schedule receives the first alternate possessions.
    • After initial possession is awarded, the possession will then alternate
  • Yellow and Red Cards will be in effect.
    • 1 yellow card – player must sit out for 2 minutes, running clock
    • 2 yellow cards – player must sit out remaining of game, but can play next game
    • Red Card (Player) – player must sit out the remainder of the game and the next game
    • Red Card (Coach) – coach is required to leave for remainder of the game

Youth divisions will play 7 v 7 with modified checking and 3 second rule as defined by US lacrosse for good defense. One pass rule is NOT in effect.  We suggest a maximum roster size of 12 and retain the right to limit roster size at our discretion. 

7-v-7 Rules for youth division:

  • 7 Field Players 1 Goalie
  • No restraining line rule.  All players and can play up and down.  Up to you how you want to coach your team.

Numbers required on front and back.  All other uniform specifications regarding colors, etc. will NOT be enforced.

Goalies MUST wear thigh pads AND shin guards as required by USLacrosse rules.  Taped jewelry on any player at any level is illegal and not allowed.

Win = 3 Points
Tie = 1 Points
Loss = 0 Points

Based on the round robin play results, there may be a tie in points earned. In order to break a tie, the following criteria will be used:


  • Head to Head
  • Goals against-max of 9
  • Shut Outs
  • Random Drawing or Coin Flip
  • If there are any forfeits, the average goals against in actual scheduled games played will be added to the total goals (max of 9) against the team that won by forfeit.  Forfeits count as an automatic win for the team that has not forfeited.

Play off games that are tied at the end of regulation will go to a 3 v 3 sudden victory game, max 3 minutes in length.  If teams are still tied after the 3 minutes, a coin toss will determine the winner.


All coaches have complete responsibility for the conduct of their players, substitutes and spectators at all times. Coaching from the sidelines (giving direction to one’s own team on points of strategy and position) is encouraged, providing:

  • Each coach or substitute remains on their own half of the field between the substitution area and the restraining line.
  • No coach, substitute or spectator makes derogatory remarks or gestures to the umpires, other coaches, players, substitutes, or spectators.
  • No coach, substitute, or spectator uses profanity, participates in or incites any manner or disruptive behavior.
  • Officials have the right to stop a game at any time and to eject a coach based on their behavior, and the behavior of fans or players.
  • All ejections will be at the discretion of the tournament directors and their decision will be final

Teams should report to their cars, or under cover if lightning causes a stoppage in play. All fields will be cleared. Games are official after 1-half of play. Game-lengths may be modified if make up games are deemed necessary.


  • We will play rain or shine unless you are notified otherwise.
  • In case of thunder/lightning, all games will be suspended and fields will be cleared by sounding an air horn (three long blasts).
  • Schedule may be modified if necessary due to inclement weather, darkness, or poor field conditions. Teams are responsible for reporting for all make-up games as deemed by the event director. Failure to make-up previously scheduled games is grounds for forfeiture.
  • Cancellation of the games is at the discretion of site managers, tournament directors and officials. Keeping everyone safe is our first concern. 

Club team directors or head coaches may report disputes to the event directors. All disputes will be settled by the event Director(s) or his/her designee. Game appeals may only be submitted on the misapplication of rules. Judgment calls, including goal timing, is not a misapplication of the rules and therefore may not be challenged. The Event Director’s ruling will be final.

Tournament deposits for teams are non-refundable.  After balance due date, there are no refund or credits.   No refunds will be made in the event of cancellation or shortening of any matches due to inclement weather or anything out of the control of the tournament directors. LGS will make every effort to use contingency plans to maximize game play for all teams.