Turf Wars


Delaware Turf Sports Complex in Frederica, DE


  • All Divisions play 4 full field games.  Championship playoffs for all divisions.
  • Time outs will not be permitted unless there is an injury. During an injury timeout, the clock will run.
  • 2019 US Lacrosse Rules will apply
  • High School divisions will play US Lacrosse Level FC (full checking rules)
  • 8 meter free positions will be played out if foul occurs before time expires (at half or end of game). Player must go directly to goal, no pass and play ends with shot. If the 8 meter is already in play when the game horn sounds, the game is done at the time of the horn: if the ball crosses the goal line after the game horn, the ruling is NO GOAL (same ruling as USL)
  • Yellow and Red cards will be in effect. Time of the card will be kept by the team coaches (honor system). Teams accumulating 4 or more cards in a game will be required to play a player down the remainder of the game
  • Players who receive a red card may not be permitted to play in their next game. Contact tournament headquarters for ruling on a red card. Final decisions will be made at the discretion of tournament directors and head officials.
  • A coach who is ejected for violent conduct or serious foul play (red card) may be subject to not participating in the remainder of the tournament. Ejections are determined by referees; expulsions are determined by the tournament directors.
  • Coaches are permitted to call one stick check per game in the first half only.
  • Alternate possession- the team listed first on the schedule receives the fist alternate possession. After the initial possession is awarded, the possession will then alternate.
  • Modified checking and three second rule for good defense
  • 1 pass rule not used
  • 4 goal rule not used
  • Full checking (US Lacrosse Level FC)
  • 4 goal rule not used
  • US Lacrosse Women’s Rules will be used

Players below the restraining lines on the draw may not cross the lines until possession has been established. Once clear possession has been established the official will call out “Possession!” at which time other players may cross the restraining lines. Players on the restraining lines are still permitted to move behind the restraining lines when the whistle blows, but they are not permitted to cross until they here “Possession!”

Players are now permitted to kick the ball as part of field play on any non-shooting effort. Kicking the ball into the goal is NOT permitted.

All coaches have complete responsibility for the conduct of their players, substitutes and spectators at all times. Coaching from the sidelines (giving direction to one’s own team on points of strategy and position) is encouraged, providing:

  • Each coach or substitute remains on their own half of the field between the substitution area and the restraining line.
  • No coach, substitute or spectator makes derogatory remarks or gestures to the umpires, other coaches, players, substitutes, or spectators.
  • No coach, substitute, or spectator uses profanity, participates in or incites any manner or disruptive behavior.
  • Officials have the right to stop a game at any time and to eject a coach based on their behavior, and the behavior of fans or players.
  • All ejections will be at the discretion of the tournament directors and their decision will be final

During bracket play, teams will be awarded points on the following basis:

  • 3 points = Win
  • 1 point = Tie
  • 0 points = Loss

**If there are any forfeits, the average goals against in actual scheduled games played will be added to the total goals against to the team that won by forfeit**  Forfeits count as an automatic win for team that has not forfeited.

In the event that there are two or more teams tied in points at the end of tournament play, the following criteria will be used to determine playoff seeding:

  1. Head to Head – if no clear winner in 3-way tie, move to next criteria (Head to Head trumps all.)
  2. Goals Against
  3. Shutouts
  4. Coin Toss

All playoff games for high school divisions are 25 minutes running time. All playoff games for middle school division are 25 minutes running time.

No half time. No time-outs are permitted. Playoff games that are tied at the end of regulation will go to 3-minute sudden victory. If teams are still tied after sudden victory, then Braveheart or coin toss will determine the winner to move forward.  Both coaches must agree to Braveheart; otherwise a coin toss will be used.

We will play rain or shine. The fields are turf, so they will not close.
In case of thunder/lightning, all games will be suspended and fields will be cleared by sounding an air horn (three long blasts).
Games will resume 30 minutes after the last thunder/bolt was heard/seen.
Games will resume according to the actual time of the day – missed time/games will not be made up. Scores will be recorded as they stood when game ended as long as teams played at least 10 minutes.
Cancellation of the games is at the discretion of site managers, tournament directors and officials. Keeping everyone safe is our first concern. Partial refunds due to inclement weather are at the discretion of the tournament directors.

Tournament deposits for teams are non-refundable.  After balance due date, there are no refund or credits.   No refunds will be made in the event of cancellation or shortening of any matches due to inclement weather or anything out of the control of the tournament directors. LGS will make every effort to use contingency plans to maximize game play for all teams.