Wishbone Championships

Nov 14, 2020 - Nov 15, 2020

Northwest Recreation Complex in Apopka, FL

Tournament team deposits and final payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.  There are no refunds or credits at any time. Payments are non-transferable. No refunds will be made in the event of cancellation or shortening of any matches due to inclement weather or anything out of the control of the tournament directors. LGS Lacrosse will make every effort to use contingency plans to maximize game play for all teams.  

Game play continues in the rain as long as the weather does not interfere with player safety. If there is thunder or lightning, all play is suspended for 30 minutes. Play may resume when the storm clears. The availability of shelter from rain varies by location.

If there is continuous heavy rain, facilities may close the fields. If fields are closed in advance of a tournament’s start time, an email and text alert will be sent to all registered players. An announcement will be posted on the homepage of the tournament website.

All refund requests must be emailed to the event organizers 60 days prior to the event start date.  A credit minus a $65 administration fee will be issued for cancellations made by email request 60 days prior to the start of the event.  NO refunds will be issued for any request made within 60 days prior to the event.  We offer Registration Saver Insurance to fully protect your individual showcase investment.  NO refunds or credits will be issued for any reason within 60 days leading up to the event, including injury.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED DUE TO WEATHER RELATED POSTPONEMENT OR CANCELLATIONS.

Each tournament is divided into brackets based on level of play. Team coaches are asked in advance of the tournament to rank their team’s performance level. This ranking is then used to determine the game day schedules.

Tournament schedules are posted as far in advance as possible. At the latest, a tournament schedule will be posted the week of the tournament.

A field map will be located on each tournament’s website that will have directions and specific locations of each field. Once at the field location, fields are marked with large black and white flags.

Many facilities have strict policies regarding allowing animals on the property. It is best to contact the facility directly to obtain the most up-to-date guidelines.

LGS contracts with certified medical trainers for every tournament. The trainer tent is located near the event headquarters tent and is connected to field staff via radio. Trainers are provided access to golf carts to allow for a quick response to any medical emergency.

Yes, LGS encourages teams to bring tents and make the most of the tournament experience.

Each tournament is different and may be played on a different surface. Therefore, parents and athletes should lookup tournament information on the website to see what type of surface the game will be played on.