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Wishbone Championships

Nov 9, 2019 - Nov 10, 2019

Northwest Recreation Complex

Mandatory Check In

  • Coaches must attend mandatory check in meeting at event registration head quarters 1-hour or more prior to their teams participating.
  • All waivers must match your roster.
  • Teams found participating with illegal players (by age or by incorrect rosters) may be asked to leave the tournament.

Tournament Game Time

All games will have 2 x 25 minute halves with a running clock and a 5-minute half time. There is no overtime in pool play or consolation play. In playoffs (where a team may advance), overtime consists of a braveheart, rules listed below. The first goal scored will conclude the game. Based on weather or daylight restrictions, games may be shortened based on the event director’s judgment. Score for NCAA games will not be kept per NCAA rule requirements for fall ball, therefore there will be no braveheart tie-breakers (but wouldn’t that be fun!)

Tournament Rules

FREE MOVEMENT! All LaxLife Events are following NCAA FREE MOVEMENT rules while utilizing US Lacrosse “Official Rules for girls’ and women’s lacrosse” or NCAA Rules with modifications based on “US Lacrosse Youth Rules and Best Practices: and US Lacrosse Tournament Standards and the following modifications:

Due to the running clock, A GAME/HALF MAY NOT END ON A DEFENSIVE PENALTY. In the event of a defensive penalty within the CSA resulting in an expired clock, play will resume on the officials whistle. Trail Official will count :03 Seconds of play from point of Free Position at the whistle. During the :03 seconds, regular game rules exist, including the potential for another defensive foul, pass, a shot or a goal.


THERE WILL BE ONE, 1 minute, TEAM TIMEOUT permitted per team. NO timeouts during the final 10 minutes of a half.

A central horn will be used to start and stop games. Teams are urged to be ready to play at the start of the horn. Referees have the authority to start or end a half early to keep the games on schedule.

Inclement Weather

Schedule may be modified if necessary due to inclement weather, darkness, or poor field conditions. Teams are responsible for reporting for all make-up games as deemed by the event director. Failure to make-up previously scheduled games is grounds for forfeiture.

3 Long Blasts of Air Horn

Clear all due to hazardous conditions. Teams should report to their cars, or under cover if lightning causes a stoppage in play. All fields will be cleared. Games are official after 1-half of play. Game-lengths may be modified if make up games are deemed necessary.

Round Robin Team Scoring

Win = 5 Points
Tie = 3 Points
Loss = 0 Points

Braveheart 3v3 Challenge

The SLS is on the cutting edge and will be holding a 3v3 (plus GK) Braveheart tournament inside the tournament! The better your 3v3 squad does the more tie breaker points are earned! In addition, the Division’s 3v3 Champions will receive NEW MAVERIK AXIOM sticks! Each Division will have a unique Braveheart Time. This will be reflected in the tournament schedule.

Seeding In The Tie Breaker

Based on the round robin play results, there may be a tie in points earned. In order to break a tie, the following criteria will be used:

  • Braveheart 3v3 Team Challenge Points

  • Head to Head

  • Goal differential against next highest common team (s) in the Pool/Division until the tie is broken – LIMIT 9-goals in a team’s favor

  • Goal differential in Pool game (s)

  • Total DEFENSIVE Goals Per Game in the Event

  • Random Drawing or Coin Flip

Disputes & Protest Procedures

Club team directors or head coaches may report disputes to the event directors. All disputes will be settled by the event Director(s) or his/her designee. Game appeals may only be submitted on the misapplication of rules. Judgment calls, including goal timing, is not a misapplication of the rules and therefore may not be challenged. The Event Director’s ruling will be final.