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2019 Lacrosse Tours

As part of a new product offering, LGS Lacrosse is offering tours to international locations where athletes can travel the world and play against top international lacrosse talent at the same time.  This year we have four teams being offered across two destinations. Learn more below!

Men 18+ Team, Boys U16 Team, Girls U16 Team

Packages include everything from land and air travel, hotel accommodations, guided tours and activities, meals & game action! 



In 2018, we created a girls team featuring twenty U.S. athletes that traveled to the Czech Republic between June 17th to June 25th to play a series of games at the Prague Lacrosse Cup.

2018 Prague Tour In Review


Take a look at the 2018 Itinerary for the Prague Tour!


Game Schedule 

This is what a sample tour schedule looks like!


Take a look at the tournament rules here! 

Hannah's Journey To Prague

National Lacrosse Classic Alumni Hannah Hinsch made the trip in 2018 and covered the event for LGS Lacrosse. She handled our social media accounts and posting daily blogs posts. Below is her journey!



Our first day in Vienna, Austria on our #LGSPragueLax tour was a success! We started off the day with a tour of The Hundertwasser Haus, which are different colored apartments. Then we headed to the Belvedere Palace, otherwise known as the “Party Palace”. We also learned that “Belvedere” means “a beautiful room” in the native language. Then we went to the Spanish riding school, where the Lipizzan stallions are stabled. Following that, we saw the Österrechisches Nationalbibliotek, which is the Austrian National Library. The last part of our morning tour we had the opportunity to explore downtown to have lunch and take on some high-end shopping!

This tour has really brought our team together early-on and made a great bonding experience for all! To end our day we went to the Prater Amusement Park where we all took a ride on the famous Ferris wheel to get an amazing view of the whole city! Vienna is a beautiful city with so much history! The team really enjoyed their first day in Europe! Tomorrow we head to Prague and have our first practice before the tournament! I can’t wait to play at the international level for LGS!


A five-hour bus trip from Vienna to Prague and of course we stopped at McDonald’s on the way! The food is supposedly made with healthier ingredients than in America! We finally made it to Prague and went straight to practice. The team is already so excited to compete against other countries.

We all had an amazing pasta dinner as a team at Piccolo Mondo, and then we went to Angelato where we talked with some locals and ate delicious gelato!

To end our night we had a surprise tour from our awesome tour guide, Jan (pronounced John). He took us to the Petrín tower where we climbed 300 steps to see the most beautiful view of Prague! We were racing up the steps to try to catch the view before sunset. We can’t wait to explore more of the city tomorrow!


We started our first full day in Prague with a walking tour of the gorgeous castles that reside here and incredible views of the city! When we got to the castle there were guards that you see in movies that don’t talk or move an inch! Later on, we saw some of them marching in for the changing of the guard which was a pretty cool thing to watch!

After the castles, we went to see the Love Locks and the team’s favorite, The John Lennon Wall- where locals would draw memories and tributes of him after his death. Downtown Prague is filled with so much history, beautiful buildings, and delicious food, especially the ice cream in a dough cone. We ended our 6-mile walking tour at the Charles Bridge that goes over the river in Prague- again, so beautiful!

After a long morning being tourists, we headed to practice to prepare for our first two games tomorrow against USA AI and the Czech Republic! Can’t wait to represent the USA and LGS! Coming up tomorrow we also have the Opening Ceremonies for the Prague Lacrosse Cup! Stay tuned!


Day one of games at the Prague Lacrosse Cup! The team was hyped and ready to compete, even though it was 50 degrees and freezing rain- but that didn’t stop us! Our first game was against USA AI and we got a quick lead, despite trying to learn some FIL rules that we aren’t used to in college. But we came out fighting! The final score was 12-5.

In between games the team hung out together and watched other countries compete. We found it fascinating that at the end of the game instead of lining up to say “good game” to the other team, each team lined up facing each other at midfield and handed gifts to the opposing team. It’s so cool to learn how other countries respect the game we all love and the players that play it!

The second game we played the Czech Republic. It was a slow start for us with the score being 1-1 at the half, but Coach Hinsch was very proud of his team in coming back and winning 11-2. This team fought adversity and has seen success so far! We play so well together for never playing with each other before. We can’t wait for our games tomorrow against Hong Kong and the Netherlands!


Day two of games and we started our day playing a team all the way from Hong Kong! They were so fascinated that we played for schools in the NCAA. And again, culture is such a huge factor at this tournament, connecting players is the motto, and after our game Hong Kong gave us these cool pins that said lacrosse in Chinese. We ended up winning 17-4. Even after a British referee told a player to put her gum shield (mouth guard) in- that’s a new one!

Our next game was against a tough team from the Netherlands. Legacy won 9-6. They also gave us a gift of a waffle cookie from their country- so delicious!

After going 4-0, USA LGS was headed to the semifinals against the Czech Republic National Team! Overall, for it being our third game and a short bench against a national team, we took our first loss of the tournament 10-4. We fought hard until the end and even though it’s disappointing we aren’t playing for gold tomorrow, we are proud of the team we have become. We play our last game in the bronze medal game tomorrow in a rematch against the Netherlands. USA LGS is not coming home without a medal.


Our last day in Prague and last gameday- the bronze medal game! We had a rematch against the Netherlands National Team and as people say, “you can’t beat the same team twice” well we were up for the challenge. Again, we were not coming back to the USA without a medal! We ended up winning 13-5 and ending the tournament 5-1 with a BRONZE MEDAL! We were so proud to represent the USA and LGS well at the Prague Lacrosse Cup!

We ended our night with a boat cruise down the Vltava River! Such a great last night to bond with the team one last time in this amazing city after an unforgettable trip! This was an incredible experience and we left having new memories with new forever friends! Thank you LGS Lacrosse for giving us this opportunity! And thank you for the support and following along with me all week! -Hannah

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