These past few months have been a challenging time in the lacrosse community and for the world. We have had to make some extremely difficult decisions, canceling several events to make sure the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, parents, and referees is our top priority. After an in-depth evaluation of the US Lacrosse safe return to play, CDC, state, and local guidelines, we made the decision to cancel Top Flight, Best of the Beach, the National Lacrosse Academy and Turf Wars. After many hours spent planning possible scenarios for these events to take place, LGS Lacrosse felt that we just could not put on an event at the standard you all expect while maintaining that healthy and safe environment for our guests and staff and could not provide ample time for athletes to get prepared for competition with return to play in those regions either just beginning or have yet to come.

State and Local Guidelines By Geographic Region

Top Flight and Best of the Beach-

In New Jersey, one of the hardest-hit states by COVID-19, although the numbers are on a rapid decline and restrictions are beginning to be lifted, the state will not begin Stage 2 until June 15th. Each stage is progressing slowly and cautiously. Just recently, it was announced that the maximum number of people allowed in an outdoor gathering may extend to just 500 by July 3rd. We don’t foresee it increasing to the capacity in which we would be able to run tournaments with 100-130 teams.

May 29th- Governor Murphy announced that non-contact outdoor youth sports may return on June 22nd with social distancing measures in place with no more than 25 people.
June 5th- Governor Murphy extended the public health emergency for New Jersey an additional 30 days.

National Lacrosse Academy and Turf Wars-

On June 6th, Delaware Governor John Carney formally extended the State of Emergency declaration in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 for 30 days. A significant risk remains for individuals coming from many geographic regions. Although the numbers in Delaware of new patients remain low and restrictions are being lifted, we reviewed the state and CDC guidelines and the below information were some of the key points that guided us to our ultimate decision to cancel the event. “As more people interact with one another in Delaware and across the country, we need to remain vigilant and follow public health guidelines,” said Governor Carney on June 6th. “It’s important to remember that COVID-19 is still active. Following social distancing and face-covering guidelines makes it possible to reopen our economy by helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We need to think about our neighbors who may be more vulnerable to this virus, and act with a sense of community.”

Key Delaware Public Health Guidelines and Restrictions:
A. Venues interested in holding an outdoor gathering or event of up to two hundred and fifty (250) people must have a mechanism for limiting attendance, enforce social distancing between attendees and comply with paragraphs 4-6 of the Thirteenth Modification to the COVID-19 State of Emergency declaration relating to providing face coverings for employees and signage about the use of face coverings for guests.
B. Individuals must wear cloth face coverings in accordance with the requirements of the Thirteenth Modification to the COVID-19 State of Emergency declaration and this Twentieth Modification.
C. Individuals who are not part of the same household are expected to remain at least six (6) feet apart to the greatest extent possible and are encouraged to maintain greater physical distance whenever possible.
D. The plan (that we would need to be submitted to the Division of Small Business) must consider information regarding the density of attendees within a confined area. Based on what is currently known about the virus, spread from person-to-person happens most frequently among close contacts, meaning individuals who are within six (6) feet of each other for ten (10) minutes or more.
E. The plan must consider information regarding the level of transmission in the local community and the level of transmission in the areas from which attendees will travel.

Game Readiness Based on US Lacrosse Return to Play Guidelines:

The US Lacrosse Guidelines includes recommendations “for return during Stages 1 and 2, where we recommend youth lacrosse activities should be focused on transitioning children back into physical activity through organized small-group practices and training exclusively, and not competition. Research has shown that introduction to full competition activity after a long span of deconditioning increases risk for significant musculoskeletal injury. Every effort should be made to have a gradual return to activity starting with drills and conditioning regardless of the community phase.”

Many regions are not able to return to practice until the end of June or beginning of July. This is not enough time to ensure a safe return to play at a full weekend of rigorous competition.

The Future of LGS Lacrosse’s Summer Schedule

With the being said, we still have some regionally based southern events that are taking place in July and August that still have open registration. The areas in which these events are taking place have been back on the lacrosse field with ample time to train before the events will occur. These include the Heatwave Lacrosse Tournament, Clash of Clubs, and the Southern Alliance Tournament. Although these events are in areas that have been impacted less by COVID-19, we will still have in place increased safety precautions for our athletes, coaches, parents, and referees.

Registration for these events requires zero deposit, so please feel free to check them out and register!