Meet Matt

Matt Snyder had over 17 years of experience in the lacrosse industry before joining the LGS family. Prior to accepting the position as a Lacrosse Portfolio Manager, Matt coached at the high school level for 15 years, founded Uptop Tournaments and started the Eaglestix Lacrosse Club, and has served as a volunteer coach for the JMU Women's Lacrosse team. (It's safe to say, Matt knows a thing or two about lacrosse.) Matt was thrilled to become a part of the LGS team, and we couldn't be more lucky to have him join our all-star roster of employees.


2019 Turf Wars at DE Turf on 7/19/19 in Milford, DE. (Credit: Enduro Photo)
How did you first become involved with LGS?

I had been coaching in the club scene and running Uptop Tournaments in the south while Legacy was starting to make a push for events in different regions. I have worked in different settings with some of the people at Legacy so it was a perfect fit. 

What separates LGS from other companies?

As a company we are very innovative and passionate about what we are doing. We are really on the cutting edge of event management and that's what I find exciting. Working with people with big ideas and implementation strategies is very fun.

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go? 

I think it would have to be the moon. I think it would be awesome to just go bounce around and see something only a few people have seen. Plus my boys love to collect rocks so that would be a cool place to bring them rocks from.

What motivates you to come to work every day? 

Lax is life! I love the sport. It has given me so much I love giving back to the game. It doesn't feel like work when you really enjoy what you do.




This is a tough one but it would definitely be Stan Lee. I would love to see how he thinks and creates such great ideas and super heroes. The next would be The Rock - first I love professional wrestling so I'd love to talk to him about that and then how he's transformed into a movie star. Third would be Gordon Ramsey- I think he would have some amazing stories and I am sure The Rock could talk him into making dinner for us!

What are you most excited about right now?

I would say I am most excited about the growth of all our events. We have some great events, locations and programs at our events that make them fun and exciting.